Bachata 1

at Sound In Motion

This fun & sexy dance is easy to learn & we will have you out on the dance floor in no time at all! This dance is all about learning to connect to the music and your partner to lead and follow body rolls, head whips, dips and so much more! They almost always play it at Salsa clubs, so it’s good to know some basics! 

It’s great exercise and so much better than the treadmill. Meet new people and find a wonderful community of people who love to get out there and dance!

“Sound in Motion created a dance family for all of us. I have no doubt that they’ll extend our family to all those who come to their new studio. Heather is a welcoming, knowledgeable, and funny instructor. She and Jay changed many of our lives and brought our joy of dance back (or out for the first time).Erin